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Welcome to Health Matters

Our local health specialists are here to help keep you and your family healthy and enjoying all that Parkersburg, WV has to offer! Watch our videos, and click the links below, to connect with local health care providers.

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  • Comfort Keepers, Senior Care

    Comfort Keepers, Senior Care

    Comfort Keepers provides in-home care services to seniors who need assistance in order to live safely and independently at home including companion care, personal care, private duty nursing, expert advice, and technology solutions.
  • Mason Dental, Family Dentistry

    Mason Dental, Family Dentistry

    Dr. Mason delivers superior family dental care and performs many cosmetic procedures with an emphasis on quality, compassion and comfort.  Dr. Mason uses the latest in dental technology to ensure that your smile always presents your best.
  • Camden Clark Medical Center

    Camden Clark Medical Center

    Camden-Clark Medical Center serves the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding region through a 598-bed, not-for-profit, acute care facility which includes a 25-bed skilled nursing unit. We provide a broad range of services, offering the latest in medical technology and a highly trained staff.
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